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ABA to Addiator Octadat
Addiator Perplex to Addo-X 4683
Addo-X 653 to AMCO Adding Machine
American Adder Material to Archive.org
Argentinien to Autorenkollektiv 1964
Autorenkollektiv 1972 to Bassett Adder
Bates 1779 to Bill-O-Type Material
Billeter, Ernst to BriCal
Briefmarken to Brunsviga H
Brunsviga Handbuch 1955 to Burroughs Portable
Burroughs Serie 1 to Chase, George Clinton
Chase 1980 to Contex 10
Contex 20 to Darby 1968
Daro to Diehl KR
Diehl KR15 to Druckhebel
Druckknopf to Elliot Bros Material
Ellipsenzirkel to Facit 10
Facit 1004 to Felix
Felix 2 Prototyp to Fuller Calculator Model 1
Fuller Calculator Model 2 to Gebrauchsanweisung
Gehäuse to Graaf 1660
Graaf 1703 to Haertel 2009
Haertel 2010.1 to Harfenplanimeter
Hargrave, Lawrence to Högfors, Hans Fredrik Birger
Hohl 1982 to Ihle Material
Illgen's Rechentafel to K-Accurator 6
Kabel to Koehler 1857a
Koehler 1857b to Kulik 1851
Kummer to Lalande 1864b
Lalande 1864c to Le Monnier 1746
Le Muldivi to Lohnrechner
Lohse 1909 to Marchant XL
Marci 1744 to Mellitao 1790
Mendenhall Kreisrechner to Mindling Adding Machine
Minerva Material to Morin 1913
Morland, Samuel to Namur/Mansion 1877a
Namur/Mansion 1877b to Noordhoff 1973
Norie 1836 to Odhner 37
Odhner 39 to Olympia 132-160
Olympia 132-764 to Parmelee Material
Pascal, Blaise to Patente aus den USA 1930
Patente aus den USA 1931 to Patente aus Deutschland 1960 bis 1969
Patente aus Deutschland 1970 bis 1979 to Peters 1959
Peters 1962 to Precisa 103
Precisa 103-1 to Pryde 1930
Pryde 1954 to Rechenmaschine Esersky
Rechenmaschine Schiereck 1829 to Reese 2018/2
Reese 2018/3 to Rexin, Reinhard
Rexor to Rolls Record
Romana to Sammlertreffen Partschins 21.-23.5.2010
Sammlertreffen Puchheim 14.1.2012 to Schneckengetriebe
Schneidenplanimeter to Schulz 1954
Schulz 1957 to Shortrede 1848
Shortrede 1849a to Springwagen
Sprossenrad to Strukturlack
Struve 1868 to Taylor Material
Taylor Square Root Planimeter to Toshiba Material
Totalia to Turck, Joseph Abraham Valentine
Turck 1921 to Valiant Personal Calculator
Valles 1840 to Victor 37-7-0
Victor 511-S to Vlack 1775
Vlack 1778 to Webb, Charles Henry
Webb, Christopher Frederick to Werner, Carl
Werner, Carl (Fabrik) to Wolff 1742
Wolff 1744 to Zerfowski 1999
Zerfowski 2004 to Zylinderstift